I have very few pictures of my daughter and I over the last 2.5 years of her life and only one day's worth while I was actually pregnant with her.  Because since 2003, I struggled with my weight, and the last four years where probably the worst.  I certainly did not want to exploit the "baby belly" when honestly I was congratulated on more than one occasion and NOT WITH CHILD. 

After I had Rosa, I became a stay at home mom, which in the beginning, is pretty hard to get used too.  I put on MORE weight on post-partum than when carrying her. I can count and name the pictures I actually sucked it up (and in) and posed for with my daughter.  Five, yes, F I V E in two and a half years, and if you know me,  I LOVE taking pictures of my daughter. But I could not do it, so I would not do it, and deleted every single one of me. 

I hated my own reflection. I would not buy clothing because I felt a prettier version of me deserved it and, I would ruin it.  The video of Rosa on her first pony ride, GONE!  Mommy was too fat to save.  Her first birthday,  only pictures of her and dad.  Christmas? That is all about Santa anyway. I was an absentee mom. If something were to happen to me right then, my daughter would have five pictures of her and her mommy. I hated myself.

So you might be asking, why do I still put these old pictures out there for all to see?  It is because I know there are moms out there right now nodding their head with every word I am saying, and let me tell you, it can change today!

​Its not all about the numbers, inches, sizes, and (lack of) bulge, but the group of women you surround yourself.  While you are making your physical transformation, you are also making and emotional one.  How would I feel if my daughter had these thoughts?  I would die inside.  I want my daughter to be confident in her skin, and I know that starts with me. When she sees me working out, eating right, and being confident as a mom, she will follow in my foot steps. 

Social media is a funny thing. I am very public about my life, this journey, raising money for the LLS.... all of the good stuff. What I have failed to portray were the times where I was so overcome with grief that I wasn't totally sure that there was anything worth doing any longer. I would sleep a lot. I would put on a fake happy face. I would try to focus on the positive things in life, but there was always this shadow of doubt. A constant tug into a dark place in my mind that I had no idea how to get out of. 

I was really mean to my husband. I pretended to be okay with everything so no one would worry about me, when I really just needed someone to tell me "it's okay to not be okay."   So, what I show you now, is the other side.

I chose Beachbody as my outlet.  It has become my platform, and the fact that remains is this: 

​The most special gift I have ever been given was by this company and the network of coaches who inspire and lead from their heart. I know you saw the picture and the video of Katy Ursta & I's reaction at Super Saturday.  This was where a group of 500+ people came together to Sweat for Something Bigger and raise money for a cause dear to us.  What happened that day has forever carved me into a more gracious individual. 

I am a former teacher, married to the love of my life, and mom of 4. I would never have imagined that life would take me down the road that would lead me to become a coach, but I am so grateful that it did. 

Working as a coach gives me a new found purpose and allows me to make deep and meaningful connections that matter to others. It's really about so much more than weight loss, it is about the relationships that are formed and the impact you can have on others by paying it forward. 

I am thankful that I listened to the whisper in my heart to take the leap, because it is helping me financially, spiritually, and physically to work as a coach. I'm not sure what more one could hope to have with their life work, than to make a difference while earning an income, and that's exactly what coaching enables me to do.


would look exactly the same. But then something happened.  Then it DIDN”T look the same. AT ALL! The transformation happened and I DID IT. I controlled my own destiny by being the reason this happened. And you know what happened after that? I got a self confidence I hadn’t had since high school. I felt good in clothes, and I wanted to go shopping. (this is a big deal because I really didn’t enjoy it at all for quite some time). Instead of having to go UP in size I grabbed a 10 and it was too big. Then when I fit into an 8, comfortably, with a friend to confirm that they looked amazing, something inside me changed. A switch flipped. I felt it. I felt accomplished in my goals, and I felt like I could do more. I might just have abs one day. I get compliments a lot, and I am working on how to accept them gracefully. People notice and it feels great!.

​3 - Financially. Though I don’t have a million dollars from Beachbody, when I started as a coach I thought, if I could JUST pay for my Shakeology, I will be happy. Now I do that weekly. And though my goals with this business are significantly different and shifted now to making an impact in my family’s life financially, I am happy to report that I still get my Shakeology for “FREE”.

​Overall, after sitting down to reflect on what has happened in my life because of this company, I am very happy and satisfied with where I am today. I am more excited to move this business forward and continue to transform in all of these categories.


Below are a few Beachbody success stories of my challengers and coaches that have gone through my challenge groups and business mentorship programs.  Through their hard work and dedication, they have achieved remarkable transformations in all areas.  Not only do they have amazing physical transformations, they have achieved mental, emotional, and financial transformations as well!  I am very proud of these ladies and I am forever grateful to have them in my life.  These awesome stories are what Beachbody coaching is all about.  They are a must read!



I was that person who was completely skeptical about MLM companies. A friend suggested Katy's One Fit Fighter  page because she knew I was a runner and liked to eat clean. I watched Katy's posts about Beachbody and coaching for a year before one particular post caught my attention. It was about the financial benefit that can come from this business. 

I had been looking to see how I could help other people with health/fitness, but I didn't know how. I was dead broke and couldn't even afford the challenge pack, so the idea of MAKING money without leaving my kids really interested me. I did some research, talked to my husband, and prayed about the opportunity. After talking with Katy, she assured me that if I worked hard, I could cover my costs and beyond. I needed to cover my costs, so I did everything she told me to do. Not only did I cover my costs, but I ranked very quickly and even earned a free leadership retreat trip, just shy of 3 months in. 

But it wasn't just financial. Yes, I needed money, but the REAL blessing was that I finally found my PASSION. I had a business degree and a master's in leadership, and I wasn't using them up to this point. With coaching, I could use my education, get paid to workouts and drink an amazing shake, and my running has been more enjoyable than ever with Beachbody programs as my cross training. This coaching gig has allowed me to match my income from my other job and permitted me to stay home with my kids, which has always been my heart's desire.

​Besides my family and running, my other passion is adoption. We are bringing home our daughter from China this year, and now I have a job that gives me the freedom to travel whenever we need to and the opportunity to help impact more families through adoption in the future. God has blessed me so much more than just a health or financial gain. He has shown me new purpose and passion through coaching.

We had already raised approximately $23,000 before the day of that event from other events, and the kindness of people who donated to the cause.  When they came out on the stage, they were holding a giant check for OVER $35,000.  This was because they knew what needed to be raised in order to secure the grant in Emily Leylands name. What I understand even more now is that this company is full of kind-hearted people who have gone through the process, just like me, and know what it means to feel like you matter in this world. 

If you're not sure about the word HOPE, I promise you, it exists. This is absolutely for me, and I will absolutely continue to pay this forward. I vow to turn the worst thing that has ever happened to me into a bright spot. I promise to continue to spread as much joy as humanly possible. And this is my platform to do so.

THANK YOU to everyone who has shown me that I can be more and do more than I ever imagined. And because you listened to something that mattered to me, my life has been forever changed.   All my joy!

When your coach asks you to sit down and write out your transformation story with Beachbody, whether it be physical, emotional or financial, you either do it right away or put it off like me because you just aren’t sure you have one of “those”.  However upon contemplation, I do in fact have three out of three of those.

1 - Physical. I did Insanity when I started Beachbody, lost some weight, and toned up. However, after having my daughter, I lost 50 pounds from the day she was born to today. I went from a size 14/16 and pre-baby size 10/12 to a size 8. This is where the next one comes into play.

​2 - Emotional. There is so much to be said about what​ losing weight can do for you emotionally. There were day or days or weeks or months where I felt like I was NEVER going to change.   It felt like those before pictures were just “BLAH” and that the “after” picture day 

I have always struggled with self-esteem, confidence, and comparing myself to others.  This was especially hard when my daughter was sick and I would look at other families and wonder why this had to happen to us. I fell further into a mounding depression and it felt endless.  My health was reflecting what I was feeling.  

Being a part of a Challenge Group, where I was able to get my days successes and obstacles off my chest and into the group, was nothing I had ever done before.  I began Coaching to stay accountable and pay it forward to others who may be struggling just as I was, believing they can engage in life again.

I cannot express how the mental transformation I have experienced has changed my life.  I am a PART of life now. I am not thinking about living my life, I am physically doing what makes me FEEL good.

That security blanket of sleep and isolation is something I still have to acknowledge and tell myself is not okay behavior. It pulls me away from what WILL make me FEEL better.

​I may not have this amazing weight loss in a year or killer abs.  But what I do have is a confidence and awareness of who I am, what I want and how to work on myself both physically & mentally.

That I am truly LIVING the ONE LIFE I was blessed with