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Thanks for stopping by my male support page. Since I have been a Beachbody coach, I have worked mostly with women.  However, I do have male customers as well.  Meet my husband Mike Ursta there on the right. He has been, and still is a huge supporter of my business,  What a lot of people don't know is that he runs a lot of the behind the scenes areas of the business.  He is also a Beachbody success story as well.  Because of this, I have launched my new area of support, and that is support for men who are looking to lose weight and change their lifestyle.  Now, I know that a lot of men are not comfortable working with women when it comes to losing weight.  Therefore, my husband started his male support group.  He will be running challenge groups to help men lose weight, and teach them how to maintain a healthy fulfilling life.

When I met my husband in college, we he was playing hockey and was in great shape.  He weighed about 190 lbs and was pretty muscular.  Over the time we got married and had our first child, exercise and nutrition became an after thought for him. Over about a five year span, he went from 190 lbs to 230 lbs.  He was miserable and didn't have the energy he once had, and that affected how well he could play hockey and most importantly it was affecting the energy level he needed to keep up our toddler.  Along with me, he decided it was time to make a change. He completed Insanity and Insanity the Asylum and went from 230 lbs to 180 lbs!  Since then he has completed many Beachbody programs such as P90x3, Hammer and Chisel, Body Beast, The new workout being released next month, The Shift Shop, and many more.  If you are a male that is looking to take back control of your body and start to create that healthy lifestyle so you can keep up with your kids, lower your blood pressure, be able to keep up in those adult league sports, Mike is here to help you. Please fill out the form below so Mike can evaluate how you are looking to change your life and get you back on track!