Our transformation began 5 years ago.  But we've learned in that time that there is always something bigger to sweat for.  We sweat through my 2014 cancer battle and today we continue to sweat for others.  Our belief is simple:  sweat because you can. Sweat for those who can't.  Every. Sweat. Matters. 

Let me help you find your reason to sweat for something bigger through my online fitness accountability groups which include



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A 25 pound weight loss for myself and a 30 pound transformation for my husband started with a simple thought... "I am sick and tired of being sick and tired."  With a heavy mortgage, demanding careers, and a two year old, going to the gym just didn't fit into our schedule or our budget.  I purchased Insanity and pushed play every day for six months.  It was hard, and at first I remember on multiple occasions laying on the ground with tears in my eyes because change is hard.  I  knew very little about nutrition and I had no clue what online accountability was, but I pushed on.  Every day I pushed play.  Mike did the same.